Nico Vega “Beast” Music Video that I am in!!!!

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I had an amazing time being in this video. My arms were sore for days and it was completely worth it.

I love Nico Vega!

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A few quotes for the day.

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January 23rd

Last night was a cooking success. Tommy and I made the Mini Chicken Pot Pies and asparagus and it was delicious.

THANK YOU MARIANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at how beautiful she is! She's pretty, nice, helpful and she's making fun recipes! Coolest friend ever! I love you, Marianne!

Look at how beautiful she is! She’s pretty, nice, helpful and she’s making fun recipes! Coolest friend ever! I love you, Marianne!


We were going to go out to eat because he flew out this morning back to Texas but we decided on spending quality time together going shopping for cooking supplies, making the food together and then eating it. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Tommy enjoyed it too.


I definitely am going to need to learn how to keep the “basics” at my house though so that it doesn’t feel so expensive or crazy every time I prepare dinner. I realized last night how much stuff I don’t have.

Example: A good cutting knife and measuring cups.

Seriously, who doesn’t have measuring cups?



Here are some pictures from last night. They aren’t cute but it’s proof that I made food and I am proud of myself for it.

I would like to dedicate this post to my boyfriend, Tommy. He has created something inside of me that actually wants to learn how to be domestic. Thank you for making me into the woman society would like for me to be. I love you.

Side Note: If you don’t understand my humor and sense my sarcasm please stop reading my blog.  I love women, empowerment, independence and equality so don’t get too offended 😛

This is the 2nd time I have referenced "Portlandia's women's book shop" when I joke about "domestic womanhood", "cooking" "society" etc. If you don't understand this reference please watch Portlandia ASAP or at least YouTube this. HILARIOUS

This is the 2nd time I have referenced “Portlandia’s women’s book shop” when I joke about “domestic womanhood”, “cooking” “society” etc. If you don’t understand this reference please watch Portlandia ASAP or at least YouTube this. HILARIOUS

I ran into these at the grocery store last night. As Tommy's sister said on Instagram when I posted "WITCH HANDS" ....ABORT CHICKEN MISSION! hahahahahhaa. No, I did not use these for our chicken pot pies. I wouldn't eat these even if I was on Fear Factor and the prize was a basket of puppies.

I ran into these at the grocery store last night. As Tommy’s sister said on Instagram when I posted “WITCH HANDS” ….ABORT CHICKEN MISSION! hahahahahhaa. No, I did not use these for our chicken pot pies. I wouldn’t eat these even if I was on Fear Factor and the prize was a basket of puppies.

Here's our dinner. It doesn't look like much but it was SOOOOO GOOD. I was making mmmm sounds the entire time I was eating. It was borderline annoying .

Here’s our dinner. It doesn’t look like much but it was SOOOOO GOOD. I was making mmmm sounds the entire time I was eating. It was borderline annoying .

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January 21st

I never learned how to cook which is why I am almost 30 years old and I haven’t even been close to getting married or engaged.

Note: I am sorry if I offended any women out there with that joke…………….


When I think about why I never learned I have come up with a few reasons. They are as follows:

  • When I was a child I never asked my mom if I could help her in the kitchen because she was Super Woman and she looked like she didn’t need help….besides MTV Spring Break was on so I was busy watching that and learning some killer dance moves 
  • I wasn’t raised in a family full of women who loved to cook. I have ONE grandma who barely eats and when she does she tries to feed us hard-boiled eggs, old wheat bread, vegetables and non-fat, sugar free Popsicles for a delicious dessert.
  • When I was 18 my mom was diagnosed with cancer so she didn’t end up cooking a whole bunch because she didn’t feel well. I don’t blame her.
  • I moved out on my own when I was 19 and had no one around to help me in the cooking department, nor did I have the drive to learn (HEY, I’m just being honest here.)
  • I am an all or nothing person. Quite impulsive at times too. When I decide I want to do something I end up buying enough supplies to run a small operation. Then I get bored or overwhelmed and walk away from it or feel discouraged. This is exactly what happens when it comes to cooking with me. I see all of the ingredients I need, or the time it takes to prepare or I don’t understand a certain word and then I get mad and go to In N Out. I know it’s not right but it’s how I operate.
  • I also have a really bad short-term memory. Since cooking has never been something I wanted to do or enjoyed or was exposed to, I literally have no memory, opinion or anything related to what foods or meals I want to eat. When people ask me what I want for dinner the only thing I can think of is having a turkey sandwich, grilled cheese or some Skittles. It’s ridiculous.

Here’s where things have changed………………………………………..

  • I’m turning 30 this year so it’s time to grow up and start cooking like a boss…like this dude
  •  Image
  • I want to learn how to cook so that my boyfriend can have another reason for sticking around and loving me even though he calls me a brat 100x a day.
  • If I learn how to cook then I will save money and can save up for that pony I always wanted Image
  • Also, if I learn how to cook I will have at least 35% more things to talk about with women I meet randomly on the street. Image
  • If I learn how to cook, I can even throw dinner parties, or at the very least make delicious plates to bring to our friend’s houses. People will eat my food and then turn to Tommy and say things like….OMG, your girlfriend cooks soooooo good, I bet you feel so lucky to be with her huh? My God….she cooks AND she tells funny jokes. Holy shit, man. You hit the jackpot. He will be forced to look at me and think to himself “I am the luckiest guy in the world.” Then he will imagine his life like this Image
  • Clearly, this cooking thing has a lot of upsides to it so I am really starting to think I have no other choice then to become a cooking machine.

So here’s my next little rant about cooking and one of the main reasons why I haven’t started ….yet.

Cookbooks bore the crap out of me. I hate tiny font, I hate when people ramble on and on and on and on about a certain recipe  Seriously, this is how I feel when people won’t get to the point about how to make food or talk about it like it is the invention of the wheel


I reached out to my friend Marianne because I know she cooks her husband lots of great meals every day and she would break it down for me in a way that would keep me interested and willing to learn. I have to tell you that in no way did she let me down. I simply wrote her an email saying:

“Marianne….I need you to teach me how to cook. Can you email me a simple recipe once or twice a week (start off slow) so that I can start cooking food at home. That would be greattttttt.” 

This was her response email:

“Mini Chicken Pot Pies!
1 Can of FLAKY biscuits
2 chicken breasts
1 bag of frozen mixed veggies (corn, carrots, peas etc)
1 can of cream of chicken soup
1 cup of shredded cheese
salt, pepper to taste
pre-heat over to 350
place chicken in boiling water, cook for 20 min, cut in cubes
get a mixing bowl and dump can of cream of chicken, frozen veggies, cubed chicken and cup of shredded cheese, mix that bad boy up.
grab your newly purchased cup cake pan and spray that shit with Pam
open the biscuits (try to do it with out flinching, waiting for the pop)
separate the FLAKY layers in halfs 
flatten the half of the biscuit a little, stuff one half of the biscuit down in the muffin hole so just a little biscuit hangs over…do that to all 8(?)
scoop a HEARTY scoop of mixture on to the biscuit, dont be shy…overfill that shit.
get other biscuit half and place on top of mixture and stuff all the overhang down into the muffin hole.
bake for 15-17 minutes.
BOOM goes the dynamite!  This shit is for realz tasty!
Not only was that recipe enjoyable and funny to read but I followed it closely and I feel completely prepared and capable of making those things which brings me to my next idea….
Marianne needs to write a cookbook ASAP in that exact writing voice. I swear on EVERYTHING if there was a cookbook out there that essentially made fun of me, made jokes…..talked weirdly about the recipe……whatever, I would 100% buy it and use it everyday.
I have no idea if this kind of book exists but it needs to.
That’s pretty much all I have to say today. I will document on my blog the things I end up cooking and making for myself throughout the year. Please do not think this is a place for you to come to find recipe ideas. If nothing else, my blog will always be a place for you to come laugh at me or with me. I will never create things that look pretty but I can promise  that they will be edible and Tommy won’t die from eating it. In fact, this is a collection of pictures that I can completely identify with.
Lastly, a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy big thank you to my co-worker Daniela for surprising me with a rice and veggie cookie/steamer thingy for no apparent reason other than she loves me and she knows I need cooking supplies. I came back into the office after my lunch break and she presented it to me. I was totally shocked. What a lovely gesture!!!! A present for no reason?!>!!>!?!?!? People don’t even buy each other birthday gifts anymore, left alone send cards in the mail and she bought me a rice cooker just because?!? So sweet. I actually got a headache quickly after she presented it to me because I got so worked up from excitement. Thank you, Daniela!!!! XOXOXOXOOXOX
She told me that we will upgrade me to a nicer one once I start using this one and grow out of it. HAHAHAHA. Thanks, Mom!!!!

She told me that we will upgrade me to a nicer one once I start using this one and grow out of it. HAHAHAHA. Thanks, Mom!!!!

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ALL FOUR OF THE DOGS WERE ADOPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were up for adoption on the 18th (3 days ago) and they already found homes!!! The best part is the shelter told me that one person adopted all four of them so that they weren’t going to be separated. I really hope to God that the shelter didn’t just blow smoke up my @ss. If anyone is reading this and has any idea who was the Angel that adopted these dogs, please let me know. I want to send them a thank you card, balloons and a cake HAHAHAHAH. Seriously, though! 

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I wonder if it’s true?!?! I hope!

GREAT NEWS! I went on my blog to click on the links of the 4 dogs Tommy and I found last week just so I could look at their beautiful faces and get sad that I can’t adopt all of them and all four pages said that the information is no longer available and to please call the shelter to ask about availability. I currently cannot find the paperwork that has the Kennel ID #’s for each dog (I think it’s in my car) but I am going with my instincts which is pretty much saying the information is not available because they all got adopted already! I will confirm this information ASAP but I had to share this now ♥ Thanks everyone for viewing my blog and sharing my post. You all are amazing!

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The 4 dogs I found are ready for adoption!!!!

Pleaseeeeeeee someone go and adopt one or all of these doggies. They are a family and I found them together running around the Los Angeles streets like little tiny dirty children. Here are the links to their picture and information in case you are interested in adopting one of these little sunshine mitten pups. 

The Pack Leader 

The Brave One 

The Quiet Observer 

The Pensive one 

All four of these dogs were so sweet and when I put them in the back of my car they were as quiet as can be. I am telling everyone right now….if I won the lottery or had a house with a yard I would have adopted all of them. Spread the Word!!!! Please adopt! Thank you!

P.S. Please keep an open mind in terms of what they look like. I know they aren’t the “prettiest” dogs because their hair looks nutty but I swear they all look at least 50% better than the way I found them. A few more washes and hair cuts and sweet, sweet family love will do all of these dogs wonders. As a reminder this is how Tommy and I found them…….

photo 3 (3)photo 4 (1)photo 3 (2)photo 1 (1)

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January 16th

Last night I went to hear Sir Ken Robinson speak about Education, Innovation, Creativity and Following Your Passions.

Sir Ken Robinson is this guy


Have you ever heard of TED talks? If you have then this next sentence will mean something to you. If you haven’t, then I guess you may be lost for a brief second.

Sir Ken Robinson is the most watched TED talks video ever posted on the internet. His lectures have been viewed over 200 million times on the internet and has been proven to be more popular then the lectures on TED talks from the late Steve Jobs and many other exciting speakers.

If you don’t believe me, check out this link of the Top 20 most viewed Ted Talks lectures 

I want to say that Sir Ken Robinson was by far the most inspiring person I have ever heard speak, not to mention the funniest. He had the most captivating lecture and for the first time in years I sat still for an entire hour and a half. The time flew by within minutes and I actually felt as though I was mourning the loss of the lecture once it ended. After about 30 minutes of feeling like I was in some intellectual trance listening to this man speak I decided to get out a piece of paper and furiously write everything that was coming out of his mouth.

I am now going to detail what I heard this man say last night in no particular order. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. It was really inspiring and has had me thinking all night into this morning.

Note: This is not what he said verbatim but it’s pretty close. Unfortunately my short-term memory and ability to jot down in real-time what people are saying cannot be 100% accurate. I tried my best though. I have put some of my favorite lines in bold text to stand out.

  • Life is organic, not linear yet our education system sets out a linear path for us to conform to. 
  • In no way is it the teacher’s fault that our education system in America is failing our children. It is the system that needs to be changed. 
  • Our education system is set up to be standardized and for children and young adults to conform to a plan set out for them by people who do not have their best interests  passions and drive in mind or at heart 
  • He used a parallel example of fast food……These places have a standardized menu, you know what you are going to get, it never changes. This same menu has created a diabetes and the obesity epidemic. On the other hand, Zagat allows for creative freedoms and passion and doesn’t tell restaurants what they can serve, can’t, how they should decorate, what time they open and close etc. etc. and what has evolved from that system of diversity and freedom is a choice of excellent establishments and places that people want to go, explore and enjoy. We need to apply this same philosophy to school and teaching our children.
  • The way we treat human talent in children and young adults needs to be re-evaluated. 
  • 1 in 33 people are incarnated in the United States and most of these people are school drop-outs, were not supported by the education system, their own families etc. The majority of our spending is on the punitive end and not in education. This needs to be in reverse.
  • We narrow the education path and force our children to walk along and don’t allow for personal choice or interests. We don’t value diversity as much as we say we do.
  • The school system divides courses into what opinion has deemed useful and useless. When our children or young adults have passions and interests that fall in the “useless” category, the system will try to convince them to change their minds to take a more practical journey or study a certain degree. This does not work. People end up being suffocated and ripped away from what truly drives them,  ultimately landing them in careers or jobs that they do not feel connected to or doesn’t make them happy which ends up affecting every aspect of their life.
  • Baby Boomers were promised jobs. A degree was a passport to a job. This is no longer the case. People with advanced degrees are out of  job and struggling. This does not mean that degrees are worthless, it means that the world is changing. People need to figure out what they want to do before they get pressured into attending college, possibly spending a lot of time and money on a degree that they do not feel connected to or interested in. If people go to college because they feel pressured they may very well graduate with their degree, enter the real world and still have no idea what to do next or where to go. GIVE PEOPLE TIME. Support their interests and passions. 
  • Communities depend on all courses of life, passions, trade, talents etc. Many people are surviving without a degree. It can be tough at times but if people are choosing to live a life that they want and feel connected to then we should support that and not belittle it.
  • Every single human being is unique. No one person is alike. Our lives are filled and made up of our experiences, triumphs, failures, thoughts, talent, energy, passions etc. The life we are living today will never be the one that we completely, 100% envisioned for ourselves when we were growing it. It may look similar or not. The people we married, the people we left, the people we spend time with, the community we live in etc. was unpredictable and evolved organically. Opportunities arise out of our creativity, meeting others, networking, seeking it, exposing ourselves to experience. This entire philosophy and truth to the human experience is not supported by our education system and contradicts it the human experience.
  • He gave some really cool examples like how Elvis was not allowed in the Glee club at his school because they were worried that he would ruin their sound. Sir Ken Robinson is friends with Paul McCartney who told him that in the 50’s he was in a music program at school which he hated. The teacher told him he had no musical talent. George Harrison went to the same school and had the same experience. Clearly, these teachers and clubs were wrong about these people. Clearly. They were basing their opinions on conformity and a standardized program that they wanted all children to follow.
  • Children are over-diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. There are children that are in fact diagnosed correctly but a lot aren’t. We need to stop blaming the children or pretending like it’s as simple as saying they have a attention-deficit disorder. We stick our children in systems that tend to be boring. They can’t concentrate because of the boredom and therefore act out. We are making them sit for 8 hours a day doing clerical work and then we are confused when this doesn’t work.
  • “To be born is a miracle-what are you going to do with your life?”
  • Use passions to drive talent, to contribute to ourselves and our community and to live the life we want for ourselves.

I am going to end this “highlighted lecture section” with one of my favorite things he said last night. It was this:

Death Valley is known as a place in California that does not have any life due to the lack of water. In 2005 there was a storm that brought water to the plains of Death Valley resulting in the blooming of flowers and beautiful life.

What this proved was Death Valley is NOT dead. It was dawned. Organic Intervention = the flourishing and growth of Death Valley for that brief moment of time. Harsh Environments = Major difficulties in growth and at times, death. This same idea and evidence can be applied to human life and our experience with what we do with the time we are here. 

Here are some pictures of Death Valley after their organic intervention 🙂

050314_deathvalley_flowers_hmed_8p.grid-6x2dvflowers01a dvflowers04a dvflowers06a

If you are interested in hearing Sir Ken Robinson speak you can Youtube one of his many videos or you can just watch this one:

Thanks for reading!

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January 14th

Yesterday Tommy and I were driving to the cemetery to visit my mom. Not because she works there (that would be kind of cool) but because she’s buried there. #Ihaveaweirdwayoftalkingaboutsadthings

I haven’t visited her grave site in a while and it was bothering me and I had never shared that piece of life with Tommy yet. So there we were driving to the cemetery talking about life and things (actually he was purposely annoying me by not allowing me to listen to music) and I was trying not to body slam him while he was driving my car.

Tommy says out of no where “Hey, there’s a pack of dogs.” …I thought he was kidding because we were having one of those kinds of mornings and he knows I am a crazy dog lady who would immediately calm down to talk about my love of dogs or to scream AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW out the window. To my horror though, there WAS A PACK OF DOGS but they weren’t with their owner (s). They were just running the streets of LA like wild children with no place to be. You could tell right away that these dogs were loyal to one another and were definitely in a pack because they were running side by side. It seriously looked something like this….


Okkkkkkkkk………… it didn’t look this magical, clean, vibrant and fun but it was definitely the same kind of thing. I told Tommy that we needed to go to the cemetery but if on our way back they were still there then it was the Universe telling us we had to do something.


30 minutes later………….

We are driving back from the cemetery and there they were…the pack of dogs running around a busy street nearly getting hit by every single car passing by. Luckily I had a huge bag of dog food for Tessa in my car so we used the food to coax and lure them towards us. It took over an hour to gain their trust to get them to come close enough to us so we can see if they had collars on (NOPE.) I attempted to call several different animal control locations AND the police station that was one block away from us and all I got was automated voice recordings or being on hold for 30+ minutes.



We finally manage to get them all in the back of my car which was like wrangling wild pigs. No joke, that took strategy and will power on both Tommy and my part. It was insane.

We brought them to his parent’s house so we could put them in a safe place while I attempted to get a hold of shelters etc. and ended up making his mom cry because seeing dirty, scared, abandoned dogs is pretty much super depressing. My apologizes to Tommy’s sweet mother.

We finally found a shelter that was open and willing to pick up the damn phone (thanks to Tommy’s sister’s detective work) and we dropped them off to be cleaned up, fed, provided shelter and hopefully adopted. It made me really sad to drop them off at the shelter but there was literally nothing else we could do and we certainly didn’t want them spending another night on the streets where it has been 30 degrees.

I have their Kennel ID # from the East Valley Animal Shelter in Van Nuys, CA in case anyone is interested in adopting them. They will be ready to be adopted on January 18th (THIS FRIDAY!) I am 100% sure once these dogs are cleaned up they will be super adorable considering they were adorable with matted, dread locks full of dirt and other things 😦 I swear if I had a house with a yard I would be the owner of 5 dogs (Tessa plus the rat pack.) That was a close call.

I will update my blog with their pictures and information on the 18th.

Here are the pictures of yesterday’s lost dog adventures. Thanks for reading!!!!


They stayed this close to one another the entire time. So cute and saddddd 😦


One of my favorite pictures of the day. The 2 white males are biting the butt of the alpha female. The only female of the group was the pack leader. FEMALE POWER!


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January 10th

Remember when the scents of shampoo were just strawberry or citrus orange. Now it’s something like “Rare orange bit leaves hand-picked from a medium sized Allium Sikkimense plant from a spiritual monk by the name of Kegroll”………yet the shampoo still smells like citrus orange.

I’m so tired. What is wrong with me? I have to go to work. 

I ate too much yesterday. I feel really bad about it. Honestly…like I am starting to get depressed about it. I am not sure what I am going to do. I guess I will just continue updating my FB updates with funny crap that makes me laugh. 



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