July 5th (3rd entry)

Since I started this blog (3 days ago) I have received 175 views. WOW! That is soooo cool!

I am one of those weirdos that refers to people as my friend even if I have only met you once. You know those people that say things like:

“I don’t trust anyone…they have to prove themselves to me before they gain my trust”  Well, I am the complete opposite of that person.

I have no problems letting people go or walking away from friendships that don’t seem compatible anymore for both parties but I genuinely enjoy people, learning about others and will consider you my friend before you even know my last name. 

With that said, in the case of this blog, I have decided that I don’t need to meet you physically to know that we are friends. By merely visiting my page, it automatically makes you my buddy even if you don’t want to. So now I am forcing you into a friendship. You thought you were just reading a blog and now you are in a commitment with me. I apologize if this just got awkward for you.

I will admit though that my heart felt happy when I saw the 175 views. It makes me feel like what I am writing about is actually striking a cord with some of you. It made me feel so happy that I googled “heart wrapped in a blanket” to find a image that symbolized how I felt. Instead of finding a picture that corresponded to that description I stumbled upon this picture instead:

OMG! LOOK AT HOW CUTE THIS IS!!!!!! DOG FACES WITH HUMAN, SOULFUL EYESSSSSS! I seriously can’t handle the cuteness. It’s like being killed my cuteness. In fact, this might in fact be a “Death by Cute” situation. 

So there you have it. All of you that have read my blog thus far make my heart feel like two adorable puppies that look like they are made of cotton balls and silk and love fluffy blankets.

About FunnyGirlweightloss

Hey You! Welcome to my blog, I am happy you stopped by and I hope my struggles make you laugh a little bit....wait, what?....Anywho, this is my weight loss blog where I will be 100% honest and real about my struggles in losing some weight and more importantly, keeping it off. Most people that know me say I am funny (hence, the title of this blog) so I guess the twist is the fact that I am going to be completely candid about how much losing weight can be really tough/hard/awful/daunting/boring, yet eventually amazing and totally worthwhile. Hopefully through my vulnerability and candidness, I help inspire others to lose some weight and stay motivated. https://funnygirlweightloss.wordpress.com/
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1 Response to July 5th (3rd entry)

  1. Jennifer Jenrette says:

    i love you deanna, and maybe even a little more than i love those puppies. MAYBE. 🙂

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