July 24th

I felt compelled to start off this post with my favorite quote from the band Mumford & Sons. I have been thinking about getting it tattooed on me for about a year and I still want it which makes me feel like I should probably just go for it. In fact, this is exactly what I want:

With the quote “Where you invest your love, you invest your life” framing the heart made of flowers.

I would put it on the top of my thigh. My co-worker and I were discussing my tattoos on our lunch break and she asked me if I had any on my calves. I told her that I like to think of the placement of my tattoos as “thigh and hip sleeves” hahaha. God help me if I won the lottery because I would most definitely get them everywhere. Maybe I would even get a neck tattoo and live in “regret mode” for the rest of my life.

Speaking of co-workers, two of the lovely girls I work with made a delicious lunch today at the office made up of sausage and veggies that one of them picked from her mom’s garden. They fed me and it was glorious. Well, not physically fed me but you get it….right? I hope.

Food Entry for the Day 

  1. Breakfast: Bagel (whole bagel this time) with cream cheese= 10 points ish. + cappuccino = 2 points 
  2. Lunch: Veggies & Sausage= approx 7 points due to the sausage.
  3. Lean turkey + blueberries for a snack= 1 point
  4. Half of a banana = 0 points
  5. Small Frosty from Wendy’s= 9 points (I should have looked this up before I got it lol)
  6. Small Fries from Wendy’s= 11 points (once again..should have looked at the points before I ate these)

Total: 39 points. 

I don’t think I have discussed Flex Points yet. Maybe I have. I have a terrible memory. Everyone on WW gets 49 Flex points per week. You either use these points every week or you lose them. They don’t roll over like AT&T minutes. You don’t have to use these points but they are there in case you feel like making bad choices like I did today. So as you can see I used 9 of my Flex Points today because I am only supposed to eat 30 points per day. Not bad considering since I started this whole WW thing a few weeks ago I have only used approximately 20 Flex points, including the 9 I ate today. I am really trying hard not to use them but in the event that I need them, I am happy they are there.

I’m off to bed now. I am 1000000% exhausted due to getting 2 hours of sleep last night and then deciding to go into work today on my day off because I am completely insane. Good night everyone! XOXOXO

Since I was on the topic of tattoos I wanted to post this one I got on my mom’s birthday last year. She died almost 3 years ago. 1956 is her birth year. This is on my hamstring. I love it even though it was one of most painful tattoos I have ever experienced.

Song I blogged to tonight: “Awake My Soul” by Mumford and Sons      <—– Beautiful Lyrics.

“Lend me your eyes I can change what you see

But your soul you must keep totally free.”

About FunnyGirlweightloss

Hey You! Welcome to my blog, I am happy you stopped by and I hope my struggles make you laugh a little bit....wait, what?....Anywho, this is my weight loss blog where I will be 100% honest and real about my struggles in losing some weight and more importantly, keeping it off. Most people that know me say I am funny (hence, the title of this blog) so I guess the twist is the fact that I am going to be completely candid about how much losing weight can be really tough/hard/awful/daunting/boring, yet eventually amazing and totally worthwhile. Hopefully through my vulnerability and candidness, I help inspire others to lose some weight and stay motivated. https://funnygirlweightloss.wordpress.com/
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1 Response to July 24th

  1. K says:

    I remember when we first became friends you would talk about being the only girl who was 25 and didn’t have tattoos and never would. How things change, so quickly 😉

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