August 9th

Good Morning! 

This morning I woke up at 6am so I decided to take advantage of the cool morning air and go on a walk with Tessa before it gets uncomfortably hot outside. I took a picture of us before we went out for the walk and I am posting it because I think my dog is way too cute for words. The way she is looking at me….ridiculous. Those eyes communicate so much.

I have a question for anyone out there that is a vet, vet tech, dog groomer, dog lover, informer of the Universe. When I adopted my dog from the Humane Society  they told me that one of her “odd behaviors” is that her legs shake for no particular reason. I have tried researching this on the internet and can’t find a good answer as to why she does this. I took a video of exactly what I’m talking about. If anyone knows or has an idea about what is going on, feel free to comment on this post! Thanks 😛

Additionally, If I allow her she would not move when we go out on walks. She would be more than happy to just sniff EVERYTHING at great lengths. You would think this dog is a Blood Hound. So instead of pulling her collar I just walk her in the middle of the street because she can’t really sniff pavement. If she did then I would REALLY think there was something wrong with her. I took a picture of her this morning in the middle of the street with me. She was looking ridiculously pretty this morning haha.

I believe I earned +1 Activity points for this morning walk.

For breakfast I am about to eat this entire box of cherries (they are good for your blood system!) and coffee = 0 points 

I am going to end this short post with this story that happened yesterday.

My Grandma and I went grocery shopping yesterday and as we were checking out she was giving me a hard time because I was purchasing Pretzel Sticks. She was saying VERY LOUDLY that “I don’t need that crappy food.” YOU WOULD THINK THAT I WAS BUYING 2 LITERS OF SODA AND A BIRTHDAY CAKE to eat by myself by the way she was talking to me.

Even though I wanted to body slam her for trying to lecture me about what I should or should not eat despite the fact that I am almost 29 years old I played it off calmly and made jokes…of course.

Of course I made jokes when I was insanely uncomfortable and pissed that she would embarrass me in public about my food choices, especially when there is nothing wrong with pretzel sticks for God sakes. The obscurity of this story is actually making me laugh out loud right now to myself. So anyway, I joked to the guy ringing me up and said

“Please excuse my Grandma, apparently she feels that pretzel sticks are the equivalent to black tar heroin and she is trying to hold an unnecessary intervention for me in front of you.”

This man laughed SO HARD that he had to walk away from the register for a second. He laughed SO much that he continued to laugh through ringing me up, ringing my Grandma and starting to ring the next person. I know this because my Grandma takes a lot of time to zip up her purse and we were standing there awkwardly as the next person was getting rung up. The dude ended up winking at me which would have been rad because he was really cute but he had a wedding band on sooooooo either he is a scum bag OR he is just one of those people that wink at everyone because they are super friendly and then have to bear the consequences of A-holes like me that think they are scum bags for winking. OH THE TWISTED PUZZLE OF LIFE!

Anyway….because I’m me and because I can’t hold ANYTHING in, especially when I am upset I calmly discussed with her how out of line it was for her to comment on my food choices in front of strangers. It’s actually out of line for her to comment at all but I didn’t want to go that far during this conversation. She apologized and admitted that she was wrong. Honestly, when she apologized I felt like Stewie

On a positive note, she has a ton of frequent flyer miles that expire in 2014. She told me that she is going to give me 2 trips of my choice and I can use her miles for it. So now I have 2 free flights anywhere from now until I’m 30. I don’t know if she offered me this because she felt bad about the situation or just because she realized that there is no way she is going to be doing that much traveling in the next 1.5 years and was just being generous. If she did end up giving me those 2 flights because she knew that she hurt my feelings then maybe I can come up with a deal with her where she can verbally abuse me all day as long as I get free flights out of it. JOKESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

Have a good day everyone!!!


Song I blogged to this morning “Settle Down” by No Doubt 

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Hey You! Welcome to my blog, I am happy you stopped by and I hope my struggles make you laugh a little bit....wait, what?....Anywho, this is my weight loss blog where I will be 100% honest and real about my struggles in losing some weight and more importantly, keeping it off. Most people that know me say I am funny (hence, the title of this blog) so I guess the twist is the fact that I am going to be completely candid about how much losing weight can be really tough/hard/awful/daunting/boring, yet eventually amazing and totally worthwhile. Hopefully through my vulnerability and candidness, I help inspire others to lose some weight and stay motivated.
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2 Responses to August 9th

  1. I came across your blog and I think you’re a fabulous writer! I rarely interfere with people’s health and fitness habits, but I’d like to offer some friendly words. A carton of cherries has low nutritional value and is very high in (natural) sugar. Two egg whites and celery sticks with peanut butter would be a much better breakfast option (great macros and lots of protein). Best of luck with your weight loss journey.

    – K.

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