August 21st

I just want to warn everyone. I feel like this post is going to be lonnnnnngggggggggggg.

I am going to start with some “friendship details” so you don’t get confused about who and what I am referring to. I swear this will be fun & somewhat interesting. Ok I lied. This is only interesting to me…..

In Jr. High I met Danielle. Danielle and I became best friends. Here we are at our 8th grade graduation. WHY ON EARTH DO I HAVE BOOBS LIKE THAT AS A 13-YEAR-OLD?!?!?!!

The summer going into 9th grade, Danielle’s parents did something horrible. They moved to San Diego and took my best friend with them. Danielle and I lost contact for 9 years. I will come back to Danielle in a second.


So here I go off to high school without my best friend. LAMEEEEEEEE. In my jr. year I met Natalie. Natalie reminded me of Danielle so I had to be best friends with her. Here we are now:

I don’t have any high school pictures of us on my new computer and I’m too lazy to go get some from my old laptop. You will have to deal with a picture of me and Natalie from when we were 19 or something. I think that’s apple juice 😛

After high school we all kind of went off and did our own thing, got boyfriends and then forgot about our friends. COOL STORY, LADIES! It’s cool, we all have been there. Live and learn. Natalie moved off to Santa Barbara and I moved to Huntington Beach so we didn’t see each other that much. By the way, I still had NO contact with Danielle. Sad face.

Then I went to Community College in Orange County where I met Chrissy. Chrissy reminded me of Danielle AND Natalie so I decided that I had to be in her life. BOOM. We became best friends. Here we are now:

Since I was still in contact with Natalie I convinced her to come down to HB and visit me every weekend after she broke up with her then-boyfriend. I introduced her to Chrissy and BOOM! They became best pals too. Now we were a trio.

Then one night I was super bored and thinking about my Jr. High best friend from 9 years ago. Yes, I realize that it is weird that I think about people from my past that far back but WTF!! HER PARENTS MOVED HER AWAY FROM ME AND THAT’S UNFAIR! This was during the time of Myspace and I knew that Danielle had moved to Scripps Ranch so I figured there had to be a Scripps Ranch High School. I took the liberty of doing a search for all persons who had graduated from that school in 2001 and messaged every single one of them. This is what the message said:

Hi, I know this is kind of weird but I am looking for someone and she isn’t on Myspace. Maybe you can help me. My name is Deanna and I am looking for my best friend from junior high. Weird right? Well anyhow….if you know Danielle ____ <—(this line is her last name) and have her phone number can you pleaseeeeee write me back and give it to me. I have been looking for her for years. Thank you! 

A bunch of people wrote me back but ONLY ONE OF THEM PROVIDED ME WITH THE GOLDEN TICKET. DANIELLE’S PHONE NUMBER. I called her at 7am on a Sunday morning (typical me) and screamed into her voicemail:

Danielle F****ing _____ , this is your childhood best friend, Deanna. CALL ME BACK!!! 

She called me back right away and the conversation went something like this:

Danielle: omg hi!!!!!!

Deanna: HIIIII Where do you live? What are you doing today?

Danielle: San Diego…..hanging out with my family because it’s Father’s Day hahahah

Deanna: Ok well I already saw my dad for Father’s Day a few days ago because he lives up north. Can I come down there RIGHT NOW

Danielle: YES! Do it!

Deanna: See you in 2 hours. BYE!

Danielle and I rekindled our friendship and have been best friends ever since. I moved to San Diego shortly after this reunion and stayed down there for almost 5 years. Danielle and I also lived together for 2 of those years. GREATEST TIME OF MY LIFE.

So once Danielle and I reunited I was able to bring Natalie & Chrissy into the mix. I knew that they would all love each other since I met Natalie & Chrissy because they were so much like Danielle. I have also always thought it was hilarious that all 3 of these ladies are blonde. I am the only brunette. I was right. We all became best friends and have been like this for many years. Here are some “blast from the past pictures” of all of us together:

Natalie dyed her hair brown. I think it’s because I was feeling left out for a second.

Danielle, Deanna & Natalie

Danielle & Chrissy

Chrissy, Danielle & Deanna

Danielle, Natalie & Deanna at Chrissy’s bachelorette party

Danielle, Deanna & Natalie in Vegas

Chrissy, Natalie & Deanna in Vegas AND SARAH who is one of my other awesome girlfriends!

Here is an even cooler twist to this friendship story. Danielle introduced CHRISSY AND NATALIE TO THEIR HUSBAND’S!!!! I told you this story is interesting!!!!!!!!!!!

So now Danielle and I are the untoken, token single ladies and Natalie and Chrissy are married and being grown ups.

This brings me to present day: 

Natalie lives with her husband Matt and their new baby, Parker in Texas. They were visiting Matt’s parents this past weekend in San Diego. Chrissy & Tim just moved back to San Diego so I decided it was time to go down there and visit since I have yet to meet Parker (I am a bad pseudo aunt.) Danielle lives in San Francisco now and couldn’t make the trip :/

I videotaped myself playing peek-a-boo with Parker during breakfast. Wanna see how cute his reaction was every time he saw my face. Click Here

Natalie also fed Parker a lemon so we could watch his reaction. We are jerks.

I took the liberty of kissing Parker a lot and attempted to eat his feet & stomach. He loved it.

Natalie, Chrissy and I also took pictures together because well, that’s what girls do. Get over it 😛


The night before this Chrissy and I decided to go out and have a “girls night” and went out for drinks. Natalie couldn’t go because she was exhausted from Motherhood and Danielle was absent because she was busy being a free-spirited modern-day hippie in SF. Chrissy and I both admitted that it felt weird. We love each other very much but it definitely was reality hitting us in the face that we are all on different “life paths” and it’s going to take A LOT MORE planning and time to get all of us together again. Kinda sad. I think I am the only one that feels sad about this because I am still a traveling nomad… kids….no husband…no boyfriend…no mortgage…..just me and my trusty dog. I don’t know…maybe they are sad. They certainly don’t look like it hahahahhaa.

Chrissy and I did have a good time though and I really hope that we do it again sooner than later. Here is some photographic evidence that we went out with no babies or husbands and had grown up drinks and talked about inappropriate things completely orchestrated by yours truly:

To make up for the fact that Danielle couldn’t come down, I am going to be going up to San Francisco tomorrow-Sunday and we are going to have an epic 5-day single girl, best friend adventure to Monterey for a music festival to see Mumford & Sons live. OMFG. I. CANNOT. WAIT.

So now that I took 1293 words to describe my friendship matrix I am wondering if you are still around? If you are then I would like to offer you my handshake as a Congrats.

Now it’s time for FOOD NEWS <——–HAHAHAHHAHA, food news.

I am going to come clean. This weekend I did not track my points WHATSOEVER. I will detail you what I ate and drank below but I have no idea what kind of damage I did from a Weight Watchers standpoint. Here it goes (try not to judge me.)


  1. Half of a breakfast burrito
  2. Tons of fruit & 3/4 of a bottle of St. Louis Framboise. 
  3. A Moscow Mule with nuts and olives for dinner
  4. A few bites of Chrissy’s dinner which was gourmet Mac n Cheese with bread crumbs. DELICIOUS
  5.  Two cranberry vodka’s
  6. Half a cupcake

Sunday Food News 

  1. Eggs, Bacon and Fruit with Coffee
  2. Another “adult beverage” poolside
  3. Chips and Guacamole
  4. A huge hot dog. I only say huge because it really was. That thing probably cost me 18 points. No joke. I enjoyed every second of it.
  5. Fruit and Carrots

When I look at the food I had this past weekend it actually isn’t THAT BAD. What’s bad is the alcoholic beverages that used up A LOT of points. I swear, Weight Watchers is a program you want to get on if you want to cut back on 90% of the alcohol you drink AND to lose weight. 

And now I will continue to come clean………

When I woke up on Monday morning I felt like I had gained weight. My body just felt kind of gross. I knew it was due to the drinking because I really don’t drink that much so my body was probably a little mad. I weighed myself and to no surprise at all it said that I had gained 4 pounds from my last WW weigh-in. I got sad for like 30 seconds and then realized that getting sad was stupid. Of course I gained weight….I ate and drank poorly….what did I expect? Nothing. I ACTUALLY EXPECTED TO GAIN WEIGHT.

On Monday I watched what I ate, kept within my point allotment and when I weighed myself this morning I was down 2 pounds. My hope is that by Friday my body has adjusted and I will be back to my weigh-in weight last Friday OR maybe I even lost more weight? Who knows, miracles DO HAPPEN.

I have actually witnessed a miracle before……it was me passing college Statistics which allowed me to get into a University which allowed me to get into Graduate School and now I have my Masters degree. Miracles. They exist.

Oh God, I hate math so much. SOOOOOOOO MUCH.

Alright, I think I gotta go now. This post has increased to 1800 words which is insane considering most of my posts range from 400-800 words. If you are still here then I am going to offer you something different then a handshake……come here……come in for this hug.


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