August 23rd (2nd entry)

Today I walked around San Francisco by myself for 9 hours while Danielle went to work. I walked from Lower Haight to the Academy of the Sciences to visit my childhood friend, Christina and to make her laugh so hard we cried because I accidentally side-punched two elderly people. Story and picture to come……

Here are a few fun things I captured on my morning stroll:

To my cat loving friends, I am sorry for this message.

Skateboard cemetery

Kill it with fire!!!!

And now I will present you with my new sequins spandex shorts that I purchased today.

My next goal is find one of these leotards and to pair it with those shorts. No, I’m not kidding. This is very serious stuff.

Hey….you know how you know you are in San Francisco …..when you catch the girl sitting next to you wearing socks with sandals.

Stop it right now.


I was planning to walk a total of 6-10 miles today but Danielle had to come find me in her car during her lunch break so I could help her out with something so I ended up only getting in 5 miles. Walking 5 miles earned me approximately +7-8 points. Radical.


  1. Banana = 0 points
  2. Chai Latte with non fat milk= 3 points 
  3. Half of an orange soda = I think this is only 1.5 points but I am going to say it was 2 just to overshoot instead of under.
  4. This weird “Chicken Bun” thing at the Academy of the Sciences. It was a bun that was stuffed with chicken and veggies. I have no idea why but I poured Tabasco sauce and Sriracha all over it. My mouth was ON FIRE. It felt good though. Please see the definition of a masochist. I have no clue how many points this thing was but based on what I know about breads/chicken and veggies and the fact that I didn’t eat all of the bread I am going to pretend like it was 6-7 points. 
  5. I got hungry a few hours after my lunch with Christina and had this Quiche at a coffee shop. It wasn’t that great so I ate the perimeter of it because I prefer the crunchy stuff over the soggy middle. I imagine it was 5-6 points. 


6.) Thai food for dinner?

Sad Danielle News

Danielle’s back is REALLYYYYYYYYYYY screwed up. I mean, really really really really bad. It looks like we are going to be renting movies tonight and ordering some Thai food and possibly painting each other’s nails, reading our horoscopes and playing MASH.

OMG, I just googled “MASH” and apparently you can play it online. Ridiculous to the max.

I am not sure if this following quote is funny to anyone but me. But if you know me then you are already aware of how much I LOVE golden retrievers and how crazy Danielle is about the Hunger Games.

Danielle “I was really looking forward to watching Hunger Games with you. I can rent it on my tv right now.” 

Deanna: “No, I do not want to watch that movie at all. In no way am I interested. I don’t care about the books and I don’t want to watch that movie. No thanks.” 

Danielle: *Saddest face ever* “That is really mean…..Deanna…that is like me telling you that I hate Golden Retrievers.” 

Deanna: “Touche” 


Last but not least I am going to tell you about these two people who I accidentally punched at the Academy of the Sciences:

I was sitting with my friend Christina and I was doing one of these stretches:

Only I was holding my arms further up and when I released them they swung out towards the front of me. UNFORTUNATELY, that little old lady was walking by me as I swung my arms and I ended up hitting her purse pretty hard. I felt really bad and apologized right away. I don’t even think she noticed which is super weird considering I hit her purse relatively hard.

Because I’m me and I am a dumb ass at times I decided to re-enact the entire thing for Christina’s enjoyment. As I swung my arms forward AGAIN I ended up punching that man in the ass. YOU GUYS, I SERIOUSLY CAUGHT HIM PERFECTLY. Square on the butt. It made THEE loudest “thump” sound and he grabbed his butt and ran off like a little kid that just got spanked in public. Of course I yelled out “I’m SO SORRY!” but it was too late….the man had run off and now Christina and I were completely losing our sh*t in public. We laughed for a good 10 minutes. There were moments when we would stop laughing and then start-up again because one of us would think about it again or as Christina said “I keep hearing the sound it made when you hit his butt!!!!”

I actually just laughed out loud writing that paragraph. I am so stupid.


Last but not least, keep your fingers crossed for me. I made a spontaneous move and booked a flight to Austin, Texas to go out and visit my friend Tommy. I get to kill like 5 birds with one stone because Natalie and Matt said they would drive down to Austin (they live in northern Texas) ANDDDDDD my friend Jessica and her husband Mike just moved to Austin from California about 2 months ago. ALSO, the ACL music festival is the same weekend I will be there and Tommy and I are trying to score tickets to at least one of the nights that the festival is taking place, more specifically the Friday night show. HOLY CRAP, LOOK AT THIS LIST!! This is only 1/3 of the bands that will be there. Personally, between M83 & The Black Keys I am fully prepared to break necks to get into this show.

So that’s about it for now. Have a wonderful night everyone!!!! Be safe and be good to each other. Over and out.

Song I blogged to today: “We are Young” (Alvin Risk Remix) by Fun. ft Janelle Monae 

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