August 24th “ish” (2nd entry)

It’s technically August 25th because it’s 12:09am but I am going to post about what happened after my weigh-in for the 24th. 

I want to start off with two “bad news items”

The first being that Danielle has royally messed up her back over the years and it has come to take her soul and first-born. Ok, ok…that was totally dramatic, but seriously, she is in the most intense amount of pain I think I have ever witnessed before and that is including the time I broke my ankle in 3 different places and my brother hit me while I was crying because he thought I was joking around and just being a loud jerk on purpose.

The second bad news item is that due to the fact that Danielle needs to be really careful about not overexerting herself we have decided that there will be no karaoke adventures this weekend. My goal for this trip was to sing Shoop by Salt N Pepa in a public space during karaoke because I have never done such a thing. Here’s the good news though….since I love you all so much I made two videos of me singing two different songs. I took the liberty of dressing up in my awesome blue wig and being a dumbass for your enjoyment.

If you want to hear me sing “Waterfalls” by TLC then go ahead and CLICK HERE. 

If you would like to hear me sing “Shoop” by Salt N Pepa then CLICK HERE. 

If you clicked both of those videos and watched them from start to finish then please go look in the mirror and ask yourself WHY?!?!?!!?


Alright, so now that we got that over with I will present you some pictures of what I saw and did today during my San Franciscan adventures.

After Danielle’s doctor’s appointment I asked her to take me to the park that looks towards the “Painted Ladies” homes that are in the opening scene of Full House. It’s a famous part of town that is swamped with tourists but I still thought it would be good to go and see considering I have been to SF about 6x and have never seen these houses. It was also good for us to get some Vitamin D on a really beautiful day.

Poor Danielle with her back brace. She is such a trooper.

After we visited this park we decided to walk up Haight street to find Danielle a fun outfit to wear tomorrow to the Monterey Stopover music festival. We felt that it was only customary for her to get a ridiculous outfit considering I am fully intending on wearing these red sparkly spandex shorts to the festival.

Danielle was having a terribly awful time trying to walk anywhere due to her back so I suggested we rent her a wheelchair so we could bring it to the festival with us tomorrow. She didn’t want to at first but then realized that it would probably be best for us to have  in case she couldn’t handle the pain of walking anymore ;/ Here’s a picture of us picking out her awesome wheelchair.

Shit just got real.

Let me back up a second……..back to Haight street……

When I was walking back to the car by myself (I was picking Danielle up from a store she was at) I saw this dog walking by himself for a good amount of time in a really populated area.

I thought to myself “Good God, this poor dog is lost and now I have to do something about it. WTH am I going to do with a lost dog?! He’s a mini bear. Poor guy…I feel bad for him.” I did notice that the dog was wearing a collar so that made me feel a little better about this situation. Right when I was about to approach the dog I heard someone call out a “dog name” and realized it was his owner who was approximately 10 feet behind the unleashed dog. The “lost dog” quickly became “the most well-trained dog in the Universe.” Seriously, this dog was just walking on the sidewalk of Haight street among TONS of people and didn’t stop to smell the roses, bite any small children or give 2 sh*ts about anything other than just taking a wonderful stroll down a well-known part of town.


Danielle was craving In N Out so I went with her so she could get some food. I didn’t eat anything which was a Christmas miracle considering how much I love In N Out. I did witness a Christmas nightmare though which was this kid picking his nose like an Olympic champ right in the middle of the establishment. He was really going for the gold.

I actually like how there is a caution sign right underneath him. HAHAHHAHAHA.

Here are a few other random pictures from the day that I have decided should be placed ever so purposely in this post.

Salt Water Taffy. I want to bath in these buckets.

This bathroom lock was trolling me.


Nipple slip

I would rather get a bag full of dog poop lit on fire on my front porch than a bag of this flavor.

I’m always jumping off something.

I would like all 3 dresses please.

Activity Points 

 I did a pretty good amount of walking again so I am assuming I probably earned about +3-4 Activity points.

Food News 

Today was not a “real hot” eating day. I don’t think I went crazy or anything but there were definitely no fruit or vegetables anywhere.

Danielle and I skipped breakfast which is always smart :/ Actually, we had coffee. Super healthy!!

I really wanted to get breakfast/brunch but by the time we got out of the doctors it was 11am and I had to run to Costco to fill her prescriptions and help Danielle out with some things. Before she took her medicine I went into mom mode and made her eat something. Since we were at Costco I bought us a hot dog to spilt since we are both on WW and I figured it would only be 4 points or so each. 

For lunch we went to Boudin which is super touristy but IDGAF. I love that place and we always sit at the same table on the balcony whenever I come and visit and look out onto the bay and I love it. Danielle and I spilt the garlic fries and a “petite” bread bowl with clam chowder. Danielle had a Bloody Mary and I drank a crap ton of water. I had a bit of the bread that they bring to the table. I have no idea how many points this lunch cost me but I can’t imagine it was over 18 (that actually might be a little high).

You can see Alcatraz in the background

So that’s about it! It’s 1:00am now and I am exhausted. I really need to get to bed so I can see straight at the music festival and die of happiness when I hear Mumford & Sons play live.

 Good night!!! XOXOXO

P.S. I almost forgot…..I ate a lot of salt water taffy.


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