August 25th

OK, WOW. I didn’t know I could possibly like Mumford & Sons anymore than I already do but it happened tonight. Danielle (one of my best friends) took me to see them tonight as an early birthday present and it was absolutely incredible.

Before I blog about the day’s events I am going to quickly talk about my food intake and exercise activities since this is a weight loss blog, after-all.

Food News 

  1. We skipped breakfast. Oops
  2. On the way down to Monterey from San Francisco we stopped by good ol’ In N Out for lunch. I ordered a fries, grilled cheese sandwich and diet coke. After I ate half of the sandwich I had Danielle pour soda on it so it would be ruined and I would no longer want to eat it. Success! Instead of that meal costing me roughly 20 points, it ended up costing me 15 or so. 
  3. I fully intended on getting drunk/buzzed at the music festival but then I remembered that I don’t really like the taste of alcohol, ESPECIALLY when they are charging you $8 for a can of beer and $11 for a cocktail. So I settled on drinking a ton of water and eating this $5 frozen lemonade. Danielle decided to get a few beers instead. I have no idea how many points this cost me but I am going to guess it was about5. 

    I am a child.

  4. A few bottles of water later I got hungry so I bought a big pretzel which I shared with Danielle = 4 points.
  5. I refused to buy any of the unhealthy crap that they were selling there so that was all I ate today. Oh wait…..I had some salt water taffy. Let’s just say that I ate 6 points worth of taffy that way I can say that I made it to my 30 points 😛
  6. That’s all I ate today. Not goina lie, I am starving right now.

Exercise News

Where do I start……I am just going to start laughing for a second…..please hold. *Actually laughing out loud thinking to myself……

Ok I’m back.

This may sound weird but I actually feel like I earned at least 10-15 points today from “working out.” 

Here’s what happened……Danielle and I COMPLETELY MISSED the memo on where the eff to park at this festival and unfortunately they had no such information posted anywhere on their website and the people working the festival were equally as unhelpful which resulted in parking 1.5 miles away from the grounds. This meant that I pushed Danielle in her wheelchair down hill while I braced my body, in addition to hers. Don’t even get me started on the fiasco which was walking back to the car….AT NIGHT…….GOING UP HILL……ON UNEVEN GRAVEL……IN THE BIGGEST P.O.S. WHEELCHAIR EVER MADE.

Actually, I had Danielle hold the phone while she sat in the wheelchair and I pushed her up the hill after the concert and record our conversation. I am not sure if anyone else will find this commentary funny but I am willing to give it a shot and put it out there.

Wanna hear a ridiculous conversation between two best friends? CLICK HERE 

In addition to the 3+ miles I walked while pushing Danielle in the wheelchair on a severe incline/decline, I was also dancing a big chunk of the day while listening to high energy bands perform like Grouplove and Gogol Bordello <—AMAZING!!!!! Also, we had to walk back and forth from the “main stage” and the “secondary stage” which was across the fairgrounds from each other and I was in charge of pushing Danielle through a crowd of people who were completely unaware that anyone else existed on the planet other than themselves or their own group.

I want to show you how rad our tickets were. They weren’t normal “print-out” or “e-tickets”, they were like your very own passport. It’s a nice keep sake from the festival. I am sure if I was 14 I would have scrapbooked it or put it into a treasure chest full of love notes and old mad libs and MASH games that my friends and I completed.

Hmmm…..what more can I say about today’s adventure other than Marcus Mumford having the most beautiful, crystal clear voice and him actually making it possible to sound even better than their own album which already rules. Gogol Bodello provides music for an epic gypsy dance party and Grouplove was totally fun. Oh yeah…Danielle and I got to sit in the reserved section for people in wheelchairs and what not which provided a good spot to relax and enjoy the show without having to stand around and being pushed and shoved by a ton of people. The downfall is that it was further away from the stage but it still was really wonderful. I will admit though, if Danielle was not hurting so bad due to her back injury then I would have definitely made her go into the crowd with me and dance when Gogol Bodello was on the stage because that sh*t was legit.

Here are a collection of pictures from the day for your viewing pleasure:

I have to come clean. I ALMOST wore these shorts to the concert. I fully intended to but then I realized that this festival is going to be full of people in basic cotton tees, plaid shirts and jeans. This is no place for sparkly red shorts.

Put on denim shorts instead to “fit in with the crowd.” This actually was a smarter choice considering those red shorts would have snagged onto my see-thru dress thingy which I really really love. #Firstworldfashionproblems

These dudes in the tree also brought with them “The Most Interesting Man in the World.”

Just me hanging out in the “ADA section”

Danielle taking a break from the wheelchair and enjoying mother Earth’s seating.

It was windy, drizzly and 55 degrees. I WAS FREEZING.

Best Pals

This is not “shorts, tights, tanktop and see-thru dress weather.” You take me out of Southern California and I have no concept of how to dress anywhere else.

Beautiful Life.


I do not know what I would do without music.

Last but not least I recorded one of the new songs that Mumford & Sons sang tonight that will be on their new album coming out next month. It was beautiful and rad and awesome and terrific and fantastic and manly super tubular greatness. I have no idea what this song is called but they opened the show with it. That’s about it for the night

If you want to hear the song CLICK HERE 



Song I blogged to tonight “Slow” by Grouplove <—This song was almost too good to handle hearing live.



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