October 30th Part 2


I am going to be attempting to re-format the way I create these posts so that it is easier to read especially since this started off as weight loss stuff and now it has turned into a full blown blog of 100,000 things.

I have posted the following picture before but I really love it and I feel like it is my Doppleganger to my life. This is how I feel 90% of the time that I blog

With that said, I am NOT going to reformat or restructure my post tonight because there is just too much to blog about and I’m tired (again) and I just want to type it all out of my brain and get it over with.

First things first.


I sincerely, sincerely hope that everyone on the East Coast is ok and staying out of harm’s way. This is totally insane.

Mother Nature is one crazy bitch.

I stumbled upon this video tonight. I feel like I went through a rollar coaster of emotions watching it. I laughed at the guy filming, I felt like I wanted to be his friend then I got scared, I gasped, I screamed a little, I felt overwhelming feelings of suspense and action, I got nervous, I felt happy that their dad was with them…….I can keep going on and on but I won’t hahahhaha. Just watch it, I promise you won’t regret it.

CLICK HERE to ride the rollar coaster of emotion

I feel like a total butthole for bringing this up because I feel like I am being that “one-upper” person but I assure you I am not trying to do that. It’s just relevant and I want to share. Ok…so that video reminds me of when I was living in Pasadena, CA last year and that CRAZY WIND STORM happened and knocked over MASSIVE trees that crushed cars and created total chaos. At the time I was living with a roommate and all of our upstairs windows blew out. After the storm I found things that were in my bedroom in my neighbor’s yard. We had no power for a week and it was during finals. I also almost crapped my pants from fear. The winds were recorded at 90-100mph which is TOTALLY NOT NORMAL for Southern California.

Here are some pictures of my neighbor’s yard:

My neighbor’s car. Ouch. THANK GOD no one was in it at the time of impact.

I got in my car and took these pictures of my neighbor’s houses because the power lines were down and I felt like I would be more protected in my car than walking around :/

Ok that’s enough sharing about a wind storm that occurred a year ago.

Back to present day:

I am really worried about everyone on the East Coast. I don’t know how they are handling this. I don’t know if my heart could handle it. I am the biggest baby when it comes to natural disasters and things that are out of my control. Sheesh….I really don’t know what more I can say about this so I guess I will move on to another subject. Derp.

Here are some pictures of me from this morning:

This is the face I make when I am practicing breathing while I am in LA traffic.

Also, I forgot to share my pictures from “Halloween weekend.” I went to a family party with my Dad and step-mom on Saturday.

WATCH OUT NOW! I AM CRAZYYY INSANE OUT OF CONTROL. Partying with my Dad. Actually, you might want to be concerned for me. Here he is now:

My Dad’s costume = Broken down, old perverted Superman. Success.

That awful fake boner is made of foam if anyone is wondering.

My prop. A bubble blower. SO FUN!

I think my Dad enjoyed my bubble blower more than me.

As my step-mom and Dad danced together I provided them romantic bubbles to provide a nice loving environment for their 2-stepping.

Here are a few pictures of me as well. I made my outfit by throwing together some stuff I had laying around and decided to go as a Candyland/Raver girl/Happy Colors/Fun Time Girly McGee:

Tessa wanted in on the fun too:

I also came home today from work and decided to take out my makeup and create a Halloween look just for fun. I actually really liked the way it turned out and it only took me about 10 minutes to create. FUN! Here’s some pictures:

It’s Kevin! My Superhero Grasshopper sidekick

What else should I talk about right now?

Oh God. I know.


Why? ……Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!?!?!?!?!?

First things first.

No offense against Toyota Corollas owners…they are great cars, reliable and easy to maintain but would Barbie really drive one and if she did wouldn’t it be the 2012 model because doesn’t Barbie have “all the best things in life.”

I have so many questions about this. Does the person driving this car really feel like she is Barbie? Is her name actually Barbie and she feels like communicating this to other patrons on the road? My thoughts are no. I think this girl thought it would be cute to have a pink car and slap Barbie on the side of it showing the world that she thinks she is the real human Barbie. In this particular shopping center the only stores that exists are grocery stores, tiny businesses that I never see anyone going into and a McDonalds. I REALLY hope “Barbie” works at Mcdonalds. Oh God, yes.


Barbie doesn’t know how to park either.

This person fails on so many levels.


The driver of this car needs to know that the human Barbie already exists and she lives in Russia and most likely doesn’t drive a 94′ Corolla. Want proof? I must warn you, if you haven’t seen pictures of this alien before, then you might end up walking away from this post feeling disturbed after viewing these pictures….

The only dudes that find this attractive are the same dudes that are living real life versions of “Lars and the Real Girl.”

Her head is soooooo tiny!!! baahahahahahha. I don’t get it.

I’m sorry. Am I being mean right now? I will move on….

To make up for making fun of those people I will talk briefly about something nice that I did today so I can feel like I broke even.

As Volunteer Coordinator for the hospice I work for I am responsible for reaching out to local florists to ask if they would be willing to donate floral arrangements to our patients.  It’s a community program that is unique to our hospice and I am really proud of it. We have some really amazing florists in Los Angeles that donate their time, service and flowers to make our patient’s day and bring a smile to their face during very difficult times. Here are two of the arrangements that I brought to patient’s today. BEAUTIFUL!

And this one….

I should probably say something about eating and weight loss and all that good stuff right?

I will be 100% honest. I relapsed today and ate a Sausage McGriddle sandwich from McDonalds AND a Coke for breakfast :/ That meal was 15 points. Totally not worth it considering I consumed it at 8am and I only have 29 points for the entire day. Strangely though I didn’t eat lunch and wasn’t that hungry the rest of the day. I have no idea why. I actually feel like I might be getting sick and I think my appetite is a little shot. I came home at the end of the work day and ate some carrots and an apple = o points. So even though I ate a really unhealthy breakfast I still need to eat 14 points but it’s 7:15pm and I am still not hungry. Merp. I also weighed myself this morning and I was up a pound. My body feels like it’s definitely freaking out a little bit. I need to get back on track.

I want to end this blog by saying that I received one of the nicest comments about my blogging from a person that I do not know. I am going to keep the content of the comment to myself because it felt personal and I generally like to ask people before I blog directly about them if it is ok and I didn’t do that. What I will say though is that it truly made my day and it made me feel so good about what I’m doing on here. It gave me incredibly validation that whatever I am writing is actually affecting people in a positive way.

I will admit that I did share it with my co-host, Marianne and this was her response. I feel like she wouldn’t mind if I shared it on here:

“lick lick slurp” <—-HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA. Ohhhhhhhh, Marianne, I love you AND I love the person who wrote me. Seriously, who are you? I hope you know how much that comment meant and I truly appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me. Thank you so much xoxoxo


I gotta get going now because I really really really really need to wash my face. I have been blogging this entire time like this:

About FunnyGirlweightloss

Hey You! Welcome to my blog, I am happy you stopped by and I hope my struggles make you laugh a little bit....wait, what?....Anywho, this is my weight loss blog where I will be 100% honest and real about my struggles in losing some weight and more importantly, keeping it off. Most people that know me say I am funny (hence, the title of this blog) so I guess the twist is the fact that I am going to be completely candid about how much losing weight can be really tough/hard/awful/daunting/boring, yet eventually amazing and totally worthwhile. Hopefully through my vulnerability and candidness, I help inspire others to lose some weight and stay motivated. https://funnygirlweightloss.wordpress.com/
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