January 4th

It’s time for you to live your own life without worrying about the expectations of others.- Unknown 

I have a question

Who the hell goes out and buys this thing and then proceeds to wear it in public?


Is this one of those moments where I realize I am getting older and I no longer know what fashion is or means? I feel like this “puffer shrug” <—–According to Nordstroms makes someone look like they are standing in the middle of a cloud. I’m super confused by it. Is this a boob warmer?

“Hello sales lady, I am looking for a jacket that only warms my upper back and boobs…forget about my stomach and lower back, they can handle the cold. It’s my upper back I am really concerned about. OH! You have the puffer shrug?! I will take 3. Ohhhhh it’s only $40 marked down from $60. How fantastic! You really can’t find deals nowadays for half of a coat like this one.” 



Tommy and I went to Porto’s Bakery for lunch today and I got fatter. Fooooooo shoooooooo. This place is legendary. Everyone knows about Porto’s. It’s fantastic, the food is great, the lines are long, the service is fast, everyone is happy.

I had a delicious Turkey melt sandwich, strawberry smoothie and we shared a tasty dessert. Tessa also came with us and of course everyone tried to steal her from us. Who wouldn’t. Look at this face!


After lunch I did a good deed. I found a man’s bank card just hanging out on a parking meter where he probably left it because he was zoning out staring at some hot girl walking by or maybe a cute puppy. I took the card back to work with me and mailed it to the address on the back of the card so it can be sent to the Island of Misfit Bank Cards. It is actually just being sent back to the bank’s corporate office.

This happened to me one other time where I returned someone’s bank card and you know what ended up happening…….someone did the same thing for me. Well sorta…..

This was the scene. Do you have your popcorn ready? Are you sitting down? Ok so here it goes……

I took my backpack out of my car and flung it over my shoulder. I had no idea that one of the zippers was open and my wallet went flying to the ground into the gutter unbeknownst to me. When I figured out my wallet was missing I went back to my car to look for it. There was a note on my windshield saying “I think I have your wallet. Please call me ### #####.) I called the number and the nice man made me describe my wallet in detail to make sure it was truly mine. It was and he returned it with all my credit cards and cash still in it.


Karma: It’s real. 

I am making Tommy go on a adventure tonight with me after I get off of work. We have officially started pulling things out of the Fun Jar that I was talking about a few days ago in a post. Actually, to be fair we didn’t pull anything out of a jar. Tonight we are going to go to places I have already been but he hasn’t. It will still be fun though 🙂

We are going to start off getting dinner in Silverlake at GOOD Microbrew & Grill then we are going to head off to one of my all time favorite gift stores in LA. It’s called Wacko Soap Plant and it’s basically a store filled with every unique, funny, cool, weird gift, toy, trincket, whatchamacallit, blah blah blah, art stuff, etc etc. ping pong ting ting things you can think of. They also have an art gallery in the back where you can check out really cool pieces and buy them if you are rich like the dude I saw driving down the street today in a Ferrari.

We are going to end our night dancing in the rain feeding each other waffles. Actually we won’t but I should probably try that out sometime.

Side Note: After I wrote that sentence I went to Google and typed in “Rain & Waffles” This was the first result




Instead, we are going to head over to the 4100 bar because I really like the interior of the place. It looks like you are sitting in some dark mysterious lounge in India. I am not even sure what that means considering I have never sat in a dark mysterious lounge in India but I am thinking that is what it would be like.

In terms of my Fun Jar, I did some research on cool bars because I am sure Tommy will enjoy them since he is a real adult and drinks adult beverages. I on the other hand rarely drink and I can’t be bothered by obnoxious prices that people charge for drinks. I have other things I want to buy….like vitamins and dvd’s on Amazon.com

Boy am I a buzz kill (pun intended.)

I do like to check out bars though for the experience of it all, not just for the drinking or lackthereof. With that said, I found a bunch of “hidden gems” in LA where you can’t get in without a password or you need to know specific details about the location in order to find it. I will be sure to write about it/review it on here when I go.

That’s about it for now! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!! Friday is here! You know what that means! Kiss your neighbor and be nice to your grandpa unless he’s the Grandpa from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Case in Point:

Scumbag Grandpa meme

Scumbag Grandpa meme


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