January 14th

Yesterday Tommy and I were driving to the cemetery to visit my mom. Not because she works there (that would be kind of cool) but because she’s buried there. #Ihaveaweirdwayoftalkingaboutsadthings

I haven’t visited her grave site in a while and it was bothering me and I had never shared that piece of life with Tommy yet. So there we were driving to the cemetery talking about life and things (actually he was purposely annoying me by not allowing me to listen to music) and I was trying not to body slam him while he was driving my car.

Tommy says out of no where “Hey, there’s a pack of dogs.” …I thought he was kidding because we were having one of those kinds of mornings and he knows I am a crazy dog lady who would immediately calm down to talk about my love of dogs or to scream AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW out the window. To my horror though, there WAS A PACK OF DOGS but they weren’t with their owner (s). They were just running the streets of LA like wild children with no place to be. You could tell right away that these dogs were loyal to one another and were definitely in a pack because they were running side by side. It seriously looked something like this….


Okkkkkkkkk…………..so it didn’t look this magical, clean, vibrant and fun but it was definitely the same kind of thing. I told Tommy that we needed to go to the cemetery but if on our way back they were still there then it was the Universe telling us we had to do something.


30 minutes later………….

We are driving back from the cemetery and there they were…the pack of dogs running around a busy street nearly getting hit by every single car passing by. Luckily I had a huge bag of dog food for Tessa in my car so we used the food to coax and lure them towards us. It took over an hour to gain their trust to get them to come close enough to us so we can see if they had collars on (NOPE.) I attempted to call several different animal control locations AND the police station that was one block away from us and all I got was automated voice recordings or being on hold for 30+ minutes.



We finally manage to get them all in the back of my car which was like wrangling wild pigs. No joke, that took strategy and will power on both Tommy and my part. It was insane.

We brought them to his parent’s house so we could put them in a safe place while I attempted to get a hold of shelters etc. and ended up making his mom cry because seeing dirty, scared, abandoned dogs is pretty much super depressing. My apologizes to Tommy’s sweet mother.

We finally found a shelter that was open and willing to pick up the damn phone (thanks to Tommy’s sister’s detective work) and we dropped them off to be cleaned up, fed, provided shelter and hopefully adopted. It made me really sad to drop them off at the shelter but there was literally nothing else we could do and we certainly didn’t want them spending another night on the streets where it has been 30 degrees.

I have their Kennel ID # from the East Valley Animal Shelter in Van Nuys, CA in case anyone is interested in adopting them. They will be ready to be adopted on January 18th (THIS FRIDAY!) I am 100% sure once these dogs are cleaned up they will be super adorable considering they were adorable with matted, dread locks full of dirt and other things 😦 I swear if I had a house with a yard I would be the owner of 5 dogs (Tessa plus the rat pack.) That was a close call.

I will update my blog with their pictures and information on the 18th.

Here are the pictures of yesterday’s lost dog adventures. Thanks for reading!!!!


They stayed this close to one another the entire time. So cute and saddddd 😦


One of my favorite pictures of the day. The 2 white males are biting the butt of the alpha female. The only female of the group was the pack leader. FEMALE POWER!


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