The 4 dogs I found are ready for adoption!!!!

Pleaseeeeeeee someone go and adopt one or all of these doggies. They are a family and I found them together running around the Los Angeles streets like little tiny dirty children. Here are the links to their picture and information in case you are interested in adopting one of these little sunshine mitten pups. 

The Pack Leader 

The Brave One 

The Quiet Observer 

The Pensive one 

All four of these dogs were so sweet and when I put them in the back of my car they were as quiet as can be. I am telling everyone right now….if I won the lottery or had a house with a yard I would have adopted all of them. Spread the Word!!!! Please adopt! Thank you!

P.S. Please keep an open mind in terms of what they look like. I know they aren’t the “prettiest” dogs because their hair looks nutty but I swear they all look at least 50% better than the way I found them. A few more washes and hair cuts and sweet, sweet family love will do all of these dogs wonders. As a reminder this is how Tommy and I found them…….

photo 3 (3)photo 4 (1)photo 3 (2)photo 1 (1)

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2 Responses to The 4 dogs I found are ready for adoption!!!!

  1. Debbie Sean says:

    If you are still looking for a home for the dogs please contact me. I shared your post on FB and a friend of mine who saw it sent a message saying that she knows someone in Playa Vista who has found homes for dogs and she may be able to help you.

    • Hi Debbie,

      I believe the dogs are still available. Not sure though since I don’t work at the shelter. I was actually thinking about stopping by today to see them and play with them for a bit if they allow me. The links on my blog provides their kennel Id number and contact info for the shelter.

      I would love for you to keep me updated about your friend possibly adopting these sweet babies. Thank you so much for your involvement and help in this matter!

      I hope you have a wonderful day.

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